Sanctuary of Healing and


The Haven is the home of our lovely herd, where my spiritual journey began. It is where the healing Wisdom of the herd bathed my mind, body and spirit, and I realised very quickly that the horses were masters at reading my emotions and possessed a phenomenal ability to pull from me the most deeply imbedded wound and reflect it for me to see and heal.
Feeling the pulse of their heartbeat and the love they radiate made our environment feel like a magical place where everything began to come to life and speak to me. For all they have gifted me throughout my life, I give back to the horses all that I am; I could not have found this place within me without them; my love for them is wholehearted, true and everlasting. I am dedicated to creating an environment at The Haven that meets all of their needs physically, mentally and spiritually, where their Wisdom and intelligence can soar, where their minds are free, and where their bodies are powerful and expressive, living long, healthy lives.

Helen and

The Herd

It is over forty years since my journey with horses began; in the latter part, I truly experienced the depths of their intelligence and Wisdom.
After years of training, teaching, and assessing horses in many areas of equine-related work, I felt drawn to help horses with physical and behavioural issues. I needed hands-on therapies and alternative handling techniques to help the horses I cared for. This work led to years of commitment, dedication, research, learning new techniques, exploring new ideas or methods, and hours of observing horses in different environments. Blending and adapting all this knowledge and understanding with each horse made a huge difference, but it only became alive when applied wholly with love rather than just logic.
My aim was always to preserve the dignity of each horse and help it reach peace, feel relaxed in its environment, and fully engage socially with horses and people. I focused on what was needed to achieve consistent comfort and confidence so the horse could be a horse. Little did I know that by setting this simple intention, I was opening a door within me that would lead to communicating with all animals.
Observing a horse in a gentle but focused way has many benefits for both horse and human. As you witness a horse this way, there is much to learn, and a whole new world of nonverbal communication opens up to you just by being present and without an agenda. For the observer, not only does an understanding of your horse become apparent, but a journey of inner self exploration begins as you come home to yourself and connect into a nonverbal conversation with one of the world’s most majestic and dynamic creatures. It can lead to the most magnificent and pivotal moment you have ever experienced.
After experiencing Wisdom from this beautiful herd, I chose the path of liberation. I saw that my responses to the world around me would either accelerate or decelerate my physical experience of freedom, but ultimately, I am already free. The horses freed me. They illuminated me with their power and magic, and I saw. We fly home together this time.
I also chose to work with the supreme intelligence of horse consciousness and help all animals of the earth to be seen, freed, loved and valued for the sentient beings they are.