Equine Wisdom Heals

the Mind, Body,

and Spirit

To understand our true nature through the wisdom and undistorted truth of an animal can lead to profoundly knowing our unique soul nature and its oneness with blissful spirit.

The Ancient Majesty

Horses' Enduring Legacy

The majestic horse was walking this earth long before humans; research has estimated that horses have been here for over 55 million years in contrast to the 300,000 years modern humans have existed.
Fifty-five million years have given them time to adapt to the many challenges they would have faced as a species. As I look at them today and observe their ability to stay present and draw us into the stillness of their powerful presence, further showing us how to become aware of our true self and presence, I believe they are the higher beings with much to teach us.

A Journey of

Loss and Rediscovery

It was horses that healed my life this way, and it happened when I was present and had no goals or agenda. After losing a baby boy, I let go of every aspiration; at the time, I didn’t realise it, but this letting go aligned me with the magical place where my beautiful horses could connect and communicate with me. I had no idea what was happening, but I became fascinated by what would become the most awe-inspiring time of my life. My baby and horses gifted me the most beautiful blessing in what appeared to be a nightmare.
As the horses stood before me with such clear, undistorted, open truth, I felt their Wisdom flood my mind and body, helping me make sense of everything. The herd’s Wisdom and gentle guidance awakened within me a remembrance of home; inexplicable feelings rose in this tangible energy, and we became one.
I recount my experience with each horse in our book ‘Belief’. I am very grateful when I look back over our experience at how blessed I was to have these beautiful horses by my side. As I grew strong and moved beyond the grief, I felt their offering of Wisdom continue, and somehow, very cleverly, they shared with me ‘Return To Peace.’ I believe they knew as time passed and I faced more of life’s challenges; I would need to return to the peace they gifted me after Samson died.

A Quest for Peace with

Equine Companions

‘Return To Peace’ reminded me to uncover the unchanging, authentic, powerful self that gets dimmed when life takes over. Life did take over, and I dreamt of that time when the herd swept me into their powerful, loving heart; as I yearned for that connection, I remembered what they had shared in ‘Return To Peace’.

They had preempted my future needs all those years ago, and I re-read it in awe. The horses knew a time would come for me to become wholly independent, and I would have to face every fear, look at every limiting belief, observe the unwanted reoccurring patterns in my life and make some courageous choices if  I genuinely wanted peace and liberation they had shown me years earlier.

A Journey

to Peace with The Herd

I just had to work on myself and let go of beliefs that were holding me back, and now my parents and brother had passed away, it was time to say goodbye to an old way of life and choose the next chapter of my life.
Return To Peace’ helped me find my way back home to the place I love, where I feel liberated and everything is possible. Humbled by the grace and patience of these phenomenal creatures, I know I must speak of the sacred beauty that sits silently in their eyes as they wait for us to wake up to who we are. I wish for all animals to be seen as sacred, cherished and honoured and for humanity to realise that the grace they bestow upon us is the greatest gift we can receive.
Our well-being practice, ‘Return To Peace’, is now extended to all those searching for peace. The herd’s Wisdom transforms lives, helping people return home to their true selves and live as horses do in the present moment, in the seat of neutrality and pure, powerful potential. I genuinely hope it can help you, too.
Love from Helen and The Herd.